You want to access some money, or just have a better deal?

If you want to assess your home loan refinance options, it’s best to think about why it is you want to refinance, and what the costs will be to move your mortgage.

It would be good also to ask yourself if your current home loan matches your needs for example, do you use all of your loan features, or are you missing some features you could really make use of?

When refinancing consider the savings now and in the future, also find out the costs associated. It’s important to consider the long term benefits against the actual costs of refinancing so you are fully aware of the real impact.


Some of the reasons why we refinance are:

  •  Consolidate debt
  •  Borrow money to renovate or invest
  •  Secure a competitive home loan interest rate
  •  Move from a fixed home loan rate to a variable home loan rate, or vice versa

We can show you the benefits and costs involved so that you can make an informed decision of your options overall.

The Next step ………..

There are many parts of the process, and much to know. Every step is important and has its place. Our clients that have followed our process, used our professional help have given themselves the greatest chance of hearing the words that we are all after “CONGRATULATIONS, YOUR REFINANCE HOME LOAN IS APPROVED’.

Call us now, and find out  Where to from here.