There are number of options that you can pursue if you don’t have a cash deposit.

  • First home owner’s grant- great start grant.

Our selected lenders will allow you to use the State Government Great Start Grant for First Home Owner as your deposit. To find out how the First Home Owner Grant can work for you, ask us today. Give us the info below and we’ll show you what’s possible.

  • Family Assistance

A family Assistance Loan allows a family member to support your application for a home loan by offering limited equity in their own property. This option suits homebuyers and investors that have a good ability to repay a home loan, but lack the upfront funds required to purchase a property. To find out how a family assistance loan can work for you, ask us today.

  • Savings plan

Want to do it the old fashioned way? To find out how a savings plan can work for you, ask us today.

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I want to use this First Home Owner Grant as my deposit


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