about us

‘Mortgage World is summed up by our slogan’

‘A Home Loan that works for you, that’s our promise’

Why are we different?

Mortgage World is a proud member of the ‘Genius’ group. This allows us to have the professional support in our licencing, and processing area. This means to all our clients we can fully focus on the personal side of giving ‘real’ service as we have the time to give.

You are OUR client, and we are YOUR agent not the lenders. We are not an employee of the lender which means to you we are in your corner from the outset.

This translates to the solution being presented is known by yourself to be the one that suits your situation best, rather than the solution that is best for the lender involved.

You the client will experience an an engaged path by knowing the right options are being consistently introduced to you.

We are a Family business which knows biggest doesn’t always mean the best. Mortgage World and Gary realise that in our family business the client is our ‘Reason to be here’. We know the greatest compliment a client can give to us is to use our service and ask for our help. Our level of service will always be delivered with that target in mind.

Gary knows the end result comes from being able to guide the client through the process by freely making available his years of knowledge and experience. This gives the result of a client journey that has minimal ‘Roadblocks’ and real satisfaction. Looking at how people can be helped is the greatest reward for Gary and help by giving ‘options’ that suit them best is how this ‘win-win’ is achieved. Too many times Gary has heard the comment ‘I wish my own bank had told me that’.

The journey that we are starting together will bring a positive result for us both.

Our Pledge of service

When working with you, from the outset you will see these principals demonstrated via:

  • You will receive not only our office number, but a personal mobile number to Gary so you can speak directly with the person looking after your home loan.
  • You will have meetings held at a place that is the easiest locale’ for you to attend e.g. your home or work.
  • You will be given one contact person from start to finish of the whole process, so you can feel comfortable that this person knows your full story every step of the way.
  • You will be shown all the options available, from our very first time together.
  • You will receive personal contact at each and every major milestone of your loan application as it occurs, so you are always aware of your applications progress
  • You will receive as a minimum service, a phone call from us of at least once a week (usually on a Friday) to keep you informed and up to date of progress. This contact will be made by us even if no loan updates have been cascaded to us from the lender.
  • You will not be forgotten by us after your home loan has been formally approved. We know there are still many steps to take place before settlement of your property. We will work with you and your other advisers so those steps run smoothly and your whole journey is enjoyable

Our History

  • We first commenced operation in 1997 in Brisbane.
  • Our person in the business is Gary Willmott. Gary commenced in the financial services arena in 1994 and has worked for institutions from Major Banks, Credit unions and Finance Companies but always specialising in the ‘Home lending side’ as his selected area.

Professional Support

So you can feel confidence in the professional service that is being delivered to you here are some of the important accreditations of Mortgage World and Gary:

  • Professional Body      –    ‘Finance Brokers Association Australia’ .Member 3142 (Joined 2004)
  • Education      –     Certificate 4 in Financial Services in ‘Finance and Mortgage Broking’.
  • Australian Credit Licence      –     392 778 (As issued by ASIC)
  • Dispute Schemes      –     Financial Ombudsman Service. Member 25592