Via Gary Willmott we are a fully qualified consultancy on ‘Residential Investment Property’ under the ‘Forrester Cohen’ advisory platform.

This means to you the the structuring of a personalised plan. This plan is an holistic fully compliant process which is designed to enable the achievement of a sustainable investment strategy built around your present and ongoing personalised situation

We offer this ‘Strategy Process’ under a ‘Fee for service basis’.

This means to you a known level of comfort via a fully compliant service which is not aligned nor driven by any singular ‘Property Supplier’ relationship but instead offering the use of a multiple ‘Market aware’ investment vehicle with accompanying full disclosure.

The entire ‘consultancy’ process is structured having you onboard as the client with the express understanding that our actions are formulated with your strategy result being paramount to our time together. The primary consideration being that we are mandated to act as YOUR agent with your best interest at heart exclusively.

To be able to deliver this strategy below are some of the accreditations we hold:

  • Completion of ‘Property Investment Advice 01 Course’.
  • Certified consultant under the ‘Property Investment Association of Australia’.
  • Licenced Real Estate ‘Buyers Agent’ under NSW FairTrading – 20025608
  • Full ‘Professional Indemnity’ held for property advice offered
  • Ongoing industry ‘Professional development’ via Forrester Cohen intellectual system.

At your request we will gladly give you an ‘obligation free’ sample overview of the ‘Consultancy’ process and it’s structure. How we incorporate your input to it, and an indication of the individual reports associated with the output of the result.

As a starting point of our possible relationship we have designed to assist a



The “Property Quiz” is a tool so you can become informed and able to realistically measure your present situation, what it means to you and possible options that may have an impact in the upcoming.

Always remember, there is no right or wrong answer to any of the questions as they all come back to your individual situation.

Just go to the banner below, and on a ‘No Obligation basis’ start the journey and look forward to becoming ‘empowered’ and ‘In control’.